Mobile Phone Solutions

Instant Messaging and Presence Services

The industry leaders agree that Mobile Presence and Messaging are becoming the core in operator's services portfolio and an integral part of 3G networks. With tremendous growth patterns of SMS and adoption rates of desktop Internet messaging it is easily foreseeable that development of Mobile Presence and Messaging services will be major revenue generator for operators and core communication tool for mobile users.
Being a pioneer of IMPS, Novosoft successfully deploys its Messaging solutions to bring mobile and wired Internet users together.

Wireless e-mail

With increased availability of datacentric mobile devices, wireless e-mail is expected to grow in popularity. By 2005, around 30 percent of e-mail is expected to be accessed wirelessly. Text-to-Speech technologies are expected to give a further boost to wireless e-mail.

Increase messaging traffic and airtime usage with compelling Mobile Mail solutions from Novosoft.

Mobile Entertainment

According to analytical research, mobile entertainment is the third most popular wireless application after Mobile Instant Messaging and financial services. By 2006, it is expected, online games to increase in popularity from 43 million (2001) to 850 million users. Durlacher research has predicted that 6% of mobile Internet revenue will originate from entertainment.

Bring the fun of ruling the empire to your subscribers and increase your messaging revenues with massive multiplayer strategy game from Novosoft - W-Domination.

Network Infrastructure

Learn more about how Novosoft network infrastructure solutions may help GSM operators to leverage their investment in 2G, 2.5G, emerging 3G networks, and extend their brand to consumers.


Novosoft telematics solutions are aimed at remote monitoring, control and management of different machines and equipment by means of mobile phone network. Learn more about award winning Novosoft Remote Control Solution.

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