Novosoft Mobile Instant Messenger (MIM)

Novosoft MIM is a Mobile Presence and Instant Messaging service providing GSM subscribers with access to Internet Messaging networks directly from their mobile phones. Bringing together the worlds of mobile users and wired Internet Messaging communities, it allows mobile operators to extend their package of value-added services with cutting-edge operator-branded Mobile IM solution.

Generating New Revenues

MIM generates immediate revenues by driving up SMS traffic. In March 2002, by launching MIM in its Novosibirsk network and starting to provide subscribers with mobile access to ICQ (the most popular Internet IM in Russia), Mobile TeleSystems, the leading cellular operator, increased daily number of outgoing text messages up to 13%. In comparison with WAP-based messengers, MIM can be targeted at the audience as wide as that of SMS-users. MIM works on all major manufactures handsets and does not require state-of-the-art phones. The service allows choosing flexibly between subscription and per-message billing scheme options.

Performance, Scalability, Reliability

Novosoft MIM takes advantage of existing network infrastructure and easily integrates with operator's SMSC and billing system. The system's high scalability is achieved through clusterization. MIM makes use of SMS, which is well tested and maintained by all operators and is widely adopted by end-users.

Commercially Proven

Currently operating in Novosibirsk network of Mobile TeleSystems (NYSE: MBT), Russia's leading cellular operator, Novosoft MIM is commercially proven and available today. In the analytical report '2001: Leaders And Technologies Of the Year' (joint publication by and 'Company' magazine) Novosoft Mobile Instant Messenger is acknowledged as "the most impressive achievement of Russian software developers in 2001".


Novosoft MIM provides an easy way for subscribers to stay in touch with their friends, family, and colleagues. The availability of STK and plain SMS versions allows flexibility when offering the service to customers with diverse habits and requirements to the user interface. Novosoft MIM does not require a user to hold a constantly open WAP connection to be able to exchange messages and manage contact list. MIM provides a convenient and intuitive user interface, online alert notification, online buddies directory search, powerful spam-prevention system, and other features that make subscribers feel in total control of their "always on" experience.

White Paper (pdf-file, 555 Kb)

MIM Users Guide (pdf-file, 582 Kb)

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