Novosoft MeMail

Novosoft MeMail is mobile service that lets users to send and receive e-mail using their mobile phones. Novosoft MeMail supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols and gives subscribers instant access to their existing ISP or corporate mailboxes.

Increasing Revenues With Text Traffic Boost

With Novosoft MeMail, wireless carriers can increase messaging traffic by enabling subscribers to routinely access personal email and respond to notification alerts with text messages.

Novosoft MeMail includes server and client parts. Depending on the operator's demand, the client part may be either Java applet stored on SIM-card and providing users with convenient menu interface, or subscribers can access the service in plain SMS mode using simple but exhaustive set of commands.

Data exchange between user's handset and the server is based on SMS protocol. In comparison with similar WAP-based solutions, this does not require from subscribers to open an Internet connection to send and receive mail, allows simultaneous e-mail notifications and voice communication and finally makes Novosoft MeMail convenient and affordable for larger number of subscribers.

Novosoft MeMail User Benefits

Both read and unread messages are left on server to allow working with them later using a desktop computer. Subscribers are alerted of new incoming messages via a notification to the mobile phone. They can choose between automatic and manual mail check, and sort messages by time, subject, and sender. The client part can quickly and easily be set up to work with different email account.

Text-to-Speech capability

Through integration with Novosoft VXML System, Text-to-Speech enabled modification of Novosoft MeMail can be implemented. This version of the product can generate additional value for operators by increasing the airtime usage. Text-to-Speech capability allows users not only read their mail but also listen through the messages located at their POP3 or IMAP mailboxes and send voice messages which are transmitted as audio files attached to usual e-mail messages. The combination of text and audio strengthens MeMail appeal to mobile subscribers who get an attractive opportunity to send voice messages to Internet mail virtually from everywhere.

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