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One of the biggest software houses in Russia, Novosoft provides development and implementation of value-added services for mobile operators and service providers. We have 10 years of experience on international software development market and strong team of highly qualified professionals with diverse knowledge in the area of mobile data services. Most of us have degrees in Computer Science with up to 15-year experience in the development field.

Our customers are mobile operators and service providers. Through our focus on customer needs, creativity and quality of our solutions and services, we build products that make our customers leading service providers. Not only does Novosoft have the best resources on WAP, SMS and great variety of technologies and platforms, but also a deep understanding of the evolving market needs and new business models. With solutions from Novosoft, mobile operators can generate new income streams and increase customer loyalty by offering unique cutting-edge services.

Novosoft products and services range from mobile instant messaging and entertainment applications to network infrastructure solutions and custom software development.

Novosoft partners with network operators, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, and resellers to offer complete solutions for mobile users.

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