Remote Control Solution

Novosoft Remote Control Solution allows GSM users to monitor their network-connected equipment from a mobile phone. Novosoft Remote Control provides a low-cost and efficient way to control various devices, from complex computer equipment to home appliances, and check their status from any remote location covered by GSM networks.

Novosoft Remote Control Solution won the Innovation Award at SIMagine'2001, Worldwide GSM and Java Card Developers Contest at 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France.

Novosoft Remote Control features open pluggable server architecture, which gives you the power to monitor devices supporting Bluetooth, HomeRF or even simple Ethernet network connection. The application provides uniform access service featuring dynamic addition of various devices, issuing commands, event notification, and monitoring of the state of the devices. Using Novosoft solution, GSM operators can now offer a competitive, value-added service to their subscribers, empowering them to keep in control of their network-driven equipment at a distance. Novosoft Remote Control includes:

  • Device control servers, which maintain communication between devices and WAN;
  • Operation server, which implements communication between device control servers and client applets;
  • Client applet, which operates on the SIM card of a mobile phone and provides the functioning of the user interface.

Novosoft Remote Control has flexible and handset-independent architecture based on Java Card technology. It includes scripts specifying the user interface for each supported device; thus new interfaces may be added without any changes in the code.

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