Novosoft BulkSMS

Novosoft BulkSMS is SMS Broadcast system that enables cellular operators to offer a service, which improves both internal and external communications of their corporate customers.

Corporate Customers Appeal

Novosoft BulkSMS subscriber will be able to send a single message to lots of different people or groups, for example, their staff, colleagues, customers or suppliers. News portals, advertising, recruitment and real estate agencies, companies with large or geographically dispersed work force will get a tool that lets them deliver information fast and easy, wherever their recipients are.

The service allows applying flexible charges, i.e. monthly subscription, message block purchase, per?message charge, etc.

Novosoft BulkSMS fully integrates with operator's Short Messages Service Centre and works by sending information via WWW from content-provider to recipients' mobile phones.

Key features

The subscribers get access to such features as:

  • Web-interface for complete remote management of the BulkSMS account including subscribers database and message archive
  • Multiple customizable lists of recipients/subscribers
  • Customizable message templates
  • Integration of subscribers lists with external databases i.e. corporate servers with contact information

For information about existing Novosoft BulkSMS deployments see Partnerships section of the website.

WhitePaper [536 Kb]

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