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W-Domination is a multiplayer strategic SMS-game that creates an interactive environment where player gets the opportunity to become a ruler of a state and manage its different aspects, such as economy, army, diplomacy, science etc. W-Domination is a challenging game that attracts the youngest and most active part of the audience, which results in driving up messaging traffic and increasing revenue.

Strengthening Brand Loyalty Through Community Building

W-Domination merges top 3 life priorities of the young people - fashion, fun and friends - into one compelling product, and thus lets operators to efficiently appeal to the youth market.

  • W-Domination responds to young users' demand for games as most popular service
  • "Sticky" service that helps to build a long-term community of young mobile users
  • Provides good opportunity for expanding the customer-base and strengthening brand loyalty through viral marketing

Maximum ROI With Minimum Investments

  • Engaging entertainment generating in average 50 sms a day per user
  • Does not require significant investments, makes use of existing network capabilities
  • Being an SMS-based game, W-Domination is working on all handsets and affordable for maximum possible number of users
  • No system administration needed; the service is reliable and stable

Commercially Proven and Available

W-Domination is commercially proven and available today. Since June 2002 it is operating in a network of Mobile TeleSystems, Russia's leading cellular operator, attracting more and more new users every day. Check www.w-domination.com website to get latest news about the game and to know what the gaming community says about the service.

What Users Get

Virtually all mobile phone users wish they could do with their phones something entirely different from merely talking or exchanging text messages. Everybody wish to have fun. Many would love yet another challenge. W-Domination brings them the excitement of ruling an empire and the challenge of competing against other players.

A subscriber establishes a state and govern its economy, army, political system; develop science and technology, explore new lands, build towns; send spies to other states, attack or organize defense alliances with them, etc. Players compete with each other striving to become the top ranked state. Current rating of players is available on W-Domination website in real time along with online forums and thorough game documentation.

Interactive and Challenging

Unlike any other game, W-Domination is highly interactive. Real-time competition with other human players gives a sense of electrifying action. Not only players can monitor the game situation checking one's state's parameters, but also exchange messages and receive news about the rivals.

Easy-To-Learn and Engaging

W-Domination is both easy to learn, rewarding and hard to win, which keeps a players' interest on for long time.

Affordable and Convenient

SMS transport makes the service affordable for a maximum number of mobile users, in contrast to WAP-based games, which require from user to keep an always-open Internet connection. Convenient organization of the subscribers' playtime resources does not force them to respond to the game events immediately and lets them accumulate the moves and play at convenient time.

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