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Novosoft SMSC

As SMS continues to be increasingly popular among subscribers, and the number of new SMS-based value-added services increases, operators more than ever need SMS-processing facilities with enhanced performance. As SMS messages are used in inter-subscriber communication, for system messages and as a bearer for other value-added services, selecting an SMS centre and the vendor are crucial to the operators' overall business.

Powerful, fast, scalable and cost-effective Novosoft SMS Centre allows GSM operators to easily process increasing text traffic and provide subscribers with value-added services based on SMS technology.

Specific Features

  • Future-proof: extendable performance from 200 sms/sec and higher
  • Open interfaces for integration with external services over SMPP
  • Robust and reliable solution based on Sun/Solaris platform
  • Convenient tools for remote administration and monitoring

Key features

  • Multilingual Support: supports all languages, including USC2 character sets
  • Transliteration: if receiver's handset does not support national language, messages' characters are automatically substituted with Latin characters
  • Extended Messages Service (EMS) and Smart Messaging support: transmission of logos, images, ringtones, vCard, and vCalendar records.
  • User identification: all messages contain headers comprising sender's phone number (unless the user prefers to stay anonymous).
  • Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) support: fast interactive data exchange between subscriber and applications
  • Special message-handling features: users are offered a range of features, for example, forwarding of Short Messages, similar to call diversion for voice call messages.
  • E-mail to SMS Gateway, web to SMSc support
  • Long messages transmission
  • Non-text messages support for transmission of service data
  • OTA-platform integration capability for delivery of content and user applications
  • Multiple addressing including international, short, local, alpha-numeric numbers
  • Delivery priority support and Customizable delivery plan for better control of the SMSC work load and services' performance
  • Traffic logging
  • Message delivery notification: sends a confirmation of message receipt to sender.

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