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New version of Novosoft Mobile Instant Messenger launched

Novosibirsk, Russia - March 11, 2002

Novosoft LLC., the leading Russian provider of mobile and wireless software, presented new version of Novosoft Mobile Instant Messenger - a Mobile Presence and Instant Messaging service providing GSM subscribers with access to ICQ network directly from their mobile phones.

The new version of MIM's makes use of handset's embedded SMS capabilities and operates by a set of simple commands a user sends to the operator's SMS center.

Novosoft Mobile Instant Messenger (MIM) is functioning in Novosibirsk network of Mobile TeleSystems (NYSE: MBT), Russia's leading cellular operator, since November 2001. With the launch of new version users can choose between JavaCard and plain SMS MIM. "Deployment of SMS-version of MIM made the subscription to the service easier", - said Vitaly Soukhovsky, Head of Novosoft Mobile and Wireless Division, - "It does not require from users to get new SIM card which ensures even faster penetration rate of this popular service".

Both operators and end-users will find the new version of MIM as attractive as its STK predecessor. It combines important combining traffic-generating features with convenience, fun and functionality such as powerful spam-prevention system enabling users to ignore undesired senders completely or to filter incoming messages by personal list of banned words.

"Novosoft Mobile Instant Messenger is the only Mobile Presence and Instant Messaging Service in Russia. It is also one of the few commercially proven and successfully deployed IMPS services in the world", - said Vitaly Soukhovsky.

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